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Weekly Update! (2021/04/12)

Posted by GrayscaleRain - 1 month ago



Hey everybody!

Hope you’re all doing alright!

Things have been okay here. I feel like I’ve gotten back on the horse a bit and progress is happening! I was still a bit psyched out about my work, but last week was really good and I’m pulling things back together. I just have to make sure that I’m keeping proper track of everything that I need to and want to do.

I know I’ve been slow in replying to people, (I’ll set something aside for later and then just… forget it exists for a week, not out of avoidance but just things slipping my mind) so if you send me something and I don’t reply in a week, go ahead and poke me again. n.n;

I’m trying to keep on top of things but I still haven’t 100% gotten back to where I was before my big burnout, so things might be a little rocky for a bit.

One big thing that’s been fun and helped me out is moving my streams from Picarto to Jottor. There’s no chat, but the stream works and is stable, so I’ve moved my chat to Discord! If you want to participate in SotS or you just want to hang out, feel free to stop on by!

Fox Saliant Studios Discord

Various Happenings has been moving along pretty well! I got hung up there for a bit, but things are proceeding apace now and I have hopes that they’ll accelerate as I get more skilled at the current format!

I have other things I’m chipping away on, too, and I’m hoping as I check some of these things off, that they’ll start coming out faster.

Lastly (but not lastly) I’m getting my second round of vaccinations next week! So woo! Hopefully that won’t make me feel like trash for most of the week. XD

That’s what’s going on! I’ll see y’all next week!



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