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Weekly Update! (2021-10-25)

Posted by GrayscaleRain - October 25th, 2021



Hey everyone…

So wow, it’s been a hell of a couple of weeks for a number of reasons. I actually had a blurb typed up last week but it never got posted because I kind of got blindsided by some issues with my phone provider and spent the entire afternoon trying to get that taken care of!

See, apparently, my phone service provider got hacked on the back end and someone decided to use my account to buy a very expensive brand new iPhone and have it delivered to somewhere in Michigan. I didn’t realize this until the money came out of my account because they didn’t ask for any authentication to change my address or make the purchase, so suddenly I was out about $1100.

Currently, everything seems to have gotten worked out since there was apparently a rash of these due to the hacking, so I’m supposed to be getting the money back (as of right now the money is pending on my Paypal account, but it might take it a few days to go through.)

So, you know, that emotionally wrecked me for most of the first half the week and busted up my sleep schedule something fierce!

Also, my roommate had serious muscle issues in his back in the middle of the week, so I spent a few days worried about him, because he got up in the middle of the night on Wednesday and couldn’t stand up. (Apparently he just pinched a nerve in his back and threw it out, but he seems to be alright now, so that’s good.)

So, you know! At least everything calmed down by my other roommate’s birthday on Sunday, so THAT was a nice relaxing day at least.

As for the Halloween stuff, the response to it has been really good! Too good! XD

I bit off way more than I could chew (as some of you expected) but I’ll be doing my best to get something done for everyone who’s ordered something thus far by Halloween. It’s a bit of a tall order now, due to me more or less being completely shut down last week. Not only that, but getting Ch.5 of Various Happenings out just took too much out of me for me to be able to pace myself for such an influx of orders. I figured it might happen. I was hoping it wouldn’t, but last week just firmly put me behind.

Anyway, I will be cutting off orders here! Thank you so much all of you for your support in this holiday event! <3 All that’s to do is the drawing now, I guess!

To make up for it I’ll be doing streams on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and on Halloween on Sunday! I’ll be doing as much as I can this week!

As for the leftovers that I won’t be able to get to by Halloween, I’m sure people won’t mind pushing Christmas back a little. >=/ People already have their Christmas decorations up around here! Can you believe it?!

I like Yule as much as the next person, but seriously!

But seriously, if anyone wants a refund for their pics, since I’m sure to be behind on some of them, please let me know. Next year I plan to set aside more time than I did, and to set limits on how much each person can buy. But there WILL be a next year. Either way, this has been so much of a help towards getting my dental work done, and I look forward to a much healthier year next year!

So yeah! That’s how it’s going! Thank you everyone for the support and patronage. Slowly I’m starting to cobble myself together. I just have to… you know… not go out on a limb so much. Maybe 2022 will be the year I finally get everything synced up! We can hope!

See you in November!



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